Who Are We?

What began as The Earls Court Community project began in the 1980’s as a partnership between Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and local churches aims to reach out to vulnerable people in the Earls Court area of London. The ministry is now wholly YWAM but continues to enjoy the help and support of other churches and organisations. We have since changed our name to Kingdom Compassion. We are a group of people focused on bringing hope and compassion through the love of God to London. We do this through a variety of ways whether it be through a cup of tea and a chat, counselling, or meeting people on the street. God is our compass and we go where He points us.

We aim to be a community; to be a community where anyone can find belonging. We are trying to build a christian community to enable us to practice our faith and to see God’s hand in action, An opportunity to experience God in a community no matter what your faith, race, gender, or social-economic background is.

Why Kingdom Compassion?

When The Earls Court Community Project was started, the outreach was focused in Earls Court primarily. We decided to change our name because we felt it no longer accurately represented what we do and who we are. We now aren’t focused just in Earls court but in many areas in London. We are a group of people that want to see God’s kingdom come to London through compassion. We aim through our vision and ministry to bring the values of the kingdom of God to earth. That is why we are Kingdom Compassion.