Ways to get Involved

Below is a brief overview of some of things we do as a team. There are a lot of things on heart that we would like to do to but we don’t always have enough staff or volunteers to do so. If you any of the things you see interest you or you have a dream or vision to do something we may be able to give you the platform to do that. We offer internships to someone that wants to get a taste of what it is like to serve in an urban setting or alternatively we have many staff or volunteering opportunities so if any of that interests you then please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Do you have a heart to support those at the edge of society in a practical and sensitive way?
Kingdom Compassion offers the option to join for an agreed time. As part of the ‘Internship’ you will gain hands on experience of being involved in all aspects of the Kingdom Compassion including Coffee bar, Women Friendship Club and Evangelism while being supported and coached by other experienced Kingdom Compassion team members.
Once accepted on the ‘Internship’ you may choose to combine your ‘Internship’ with our accredited Certificate in Integrative Counselling Skills & Theory – An integrative approach to Christian Counselling and Pastoral Care. If you are interested in the internship or have any other questions please contact us.


Join Staff

If you are interested in being a part of expanding God’s kingdom in London please consider joining us on staff! There are many staffing opportunities with the ministries and projects we are already running and many things that we would like to see happen within our community. If you have a heart for the lost, the broken and lonely then we have many opportunities for you to join. If you are interested in joining us or have any questions please contact us.


Our ministries wouldn’t be able to survive without the help of our amazing volunteers from local churches and the local community. Our heart is to partner with as many people as possible to bring God’s kingdom to London. If you live nearby and would like to volunteer with one of our ministries please contact us!