Our Ministries

The Kingdom Compassion office is open during the week for people to drop-in. We are able to offer advice regarding finding accommodation, referrals to rehabilitation centres or detox units as well as hands-on support such as making short phone calls and helping to fill in forms etc.

The Kingdom Compassion is open from 10.00 – 16.00 Monday to Friday. Out of hours an answer phone service is available. Whenever possible please make an appointment beforehand. You can contact the office on  020 738 55791 or E-mail us.

We run an afternoon Coffee Bar once a week, where people can come and have a drink, light meal and a chat in a warm, friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere. Our aim is to create a community atmosphere where anyone can come and feel welcome and belonging with a warm meal. This is often our first point of contact with many of our clients and it is through the relationships that we build up here that people come to trust us and to turn to us for help. For some, it is a social place where they can meet with others so that they do not feel so lonely and isolated. Everyone is welcome!

The Coffee bar is currently open on  Wednesdays from 14.00 to 16.00. For more information please contact Kingdom Compassion’s main office on 020 738 55791 or E-mail us.


Friendship club is a weekly time where women from different ages and nationalities come to chat and create friendships over hot drinks and a free warm meal. This is a place where all women can come to find belonging and friendship! Activities include; crafts, nail painting, summer outings and regular devotions with a christian content. All are welcome!

The Friendship Club is open on Thursdays from 11.00 – 13.00. For more information please contact Kingdom Compassion’s main office on 020 738 55791 or  e-mail us.

Bush Fellowship is a new ministry  partnered with St Simon’s in Shepard’s Bush where we provide a hot meal, a hot drink, and relationship to those in need. This is a place where anyone can find someone to talk to and belonging in a welcoming atmosphere.

Our vision is to preach the Gospel, make disciples and try to meet their felt needs through food, clothing, one on one support; counselling if need be, building a healthy community life.

Come along for the fun!

Bush Fellowship is open on Mondays from 14.00 – 16.00 For more information please contact Kingdom Compassion’s main office on 020 738 55791 or  e-mail us.


Every week as a team we spend time going out on the streets doing a multitude of things. We spend time praying with people, chatting and sharing the love of Christ with this area. It is a time for us to connect with people from different cultural, religious, and social backgrounds. This is how we try and put Matthew 28:19 in practice as it says, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations” and we try and put our faith in action.

Street Giving - Kate and Client on Street-2

In all that we do we hope to make Jesus the centre. We spend time every week focussing on God through worship. Every Monday we have a short time of worship and we spend about an hour in prayer for our city, country, and world.

Throughout the week we are available to meet you if you feel you need someone to talk with or someone to pray with you. Our heart is always to be available as much as we can to help you! If you would like counselling please go to our counselling page to find out more or you can contact us to find someone to meet with you.


One of our key values is to partner alongside churches and other ministries. All of us on staff are a part of a local church and many of us help serve at these churches. Some of us volunteer with a local food bank, a chaplaincy at a hospital wing, as well as other ministries. We aim to come alongside the church and other organisations to bring God’s kingdom to Earth.

We love to host teams! If you are interested in bringing a team to come do ministry with us please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have also in the past sent teams to do a short term mission to support churches or ministries in other cities or countries. Our hope and aim is to partner alongside other ministries and YWAM teams!


Would You Like To Know More?

If you would like to know more about any of our ministries then feel free to contact us.